Byakko Kyudojo is a non for Profit organization.  The entirity of monthly membership fees go  for rent and equipment.


Full-Time Practitioners* monthly membership is $40.00 per month.  
Full-Time practitioners with valid University ID monthly membership is $20.00 per month.
Drop-in Rate is $20.00 per class for casual practitioners.
Sustaining members and donations* are always welcome.


Full-Time Practitioner has a connection to Kyudo and to the Byakko group, and attend classes on a regular basis.
A sustaining member has a connection to Kyudo and the Byakko group and wants to continue support, although unable to practice for a period of time. This may include people who wish to donate to Byakko. Donations may be sent yearly, rather than monthly, if appropriate.


Visitors are welcome, but let us know you will be coming by sending a message.




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